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Available for Adoption

Current Gerbil Litters : Gwen x Isil, Lalwendë x Blueberry

Current Degu Litters : Geralt x Shani, Geralt x Yennefer, Geralt x Triss

Upcoming Gerbil litters :  Lalwendë x Blueberry (june), Cloudy x Slate Mottled (june)

Upcoming Degu litters :  None

Current Gerbil reservations :  2 females, 2 gerbils

Current Degu reservations :  None

Last Update :  May 20 2020

To adopt, contact us through Facebook or Email

Important : I don't let my pups leave with just anyone. I ask questions to ensure they end up in good families and every adoption ends up with the signature of a contract (that you can find the general terms of here). I can also ask for a proof of residence (that must match the one on the contract). I put a lot of time, love and money on my pets and want to ensure their well-being.

The Gerbils

Females leave only in duo

Males can leave in trio for 40$

I can match pups from one group to another so you'll have different colors, when possible.

Groupe 1 - xxx



Né en 2021



The Degus

The pups leave only in pairs or more

Groupe 1 - xxx




Nés le X xx 202X

XXX$ (dépôt de XXX$)

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