Available for Adoption

Current Gerbil Litters : Gwen x Isil, Lalwendë x Blueberry

Current Degu Litters : Geralt x Shani, Geralt x Yennefer, Geralt x Triss

Upcoming Gerbil litters :  Lalwendë x Blueberry (june), Cloudy x Slate Mottled (june)

Upcoming Degu litters :  None

Current Gerbil reservations :  2 females, 2 gerbils

Current Degu reservations :  None

Last Update :  May 20 2020

To adopt, contact us through Facebook or Email

Important : I don't let my pups leave with just anyone. I ask questions to ensure they end up in good families and every adoption ends up with the signature of a contract (that you can find the general terms of here). I can also ask for a proof of residence (that must match the one on the contract). I put a lot of time, love and money on my pets and want to ensure their well-being.

The Gerbils

Females leave only in duo

Males can leave in trio for 40$

I can match pups from one group to another so you'll have different colors, when possible.

Groupe 1 - Femelles


Une mère et sa fille

Lalwendë (Agouti solid standard) et Agouti solid standard

Née le ?? avril 2019 et 11 août 2020


The Degus

The pups leave only in pairs or more

Sexe - Couleur



Nés en XX YYYY

XXX$ (dépôt de YYY$)