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About the Kennel

The kennel was born in 2008 at the same time as 6 little gerbils, on the 18 of May. Even if it was a planned litter, it wasn't my plan when I adopted the mother, a couple of months earlier. But the color diversity of that litter really got me curious about genetic and I quickly realized how my pair was a goldmine of potential.

The following August, I was adopting a wonderful Siamese Spotted to breed with a male from my own litter. The rest is history.

I attend informative exhibitions since 2007. At the time, I was a High School student and was accompanying Joelle with her "Apprenties Gerbilles". My goal as always been to inform people about this fascinating rodent and to share my passion.

I try to better the living condition of gerbils in Quebec but also in other kennels. I much prefer the Europeans standards, that are based on animal wellfare instead of human accomodation.

General Numbers

  • Over 500 adopted gerbils

  • Between 15 and 50 gerbils at a time

  • Around 20 tanks.

  • The First Canadian kennel with REX (curly-fur)

  • Splitcages are done in 10 gallons. Our biggest tanks are 35 gallons. The other gerbils are put in 20 gallons.

  • Bedding used is corncob and aspen

  • Residents are fed Teklad 2014 while breeders and pups are fed the 2018.

  • Genetic diversity garanteed by importing gerbils from the US through AGS breeders.

As for the degus, I discovered them during an exhibitions. A friend of mine, who also happened to be a breeding partner and a degu breeder, had her own kiosk next to mine. Everytime I had to leave my kiosk, she would take over me. At one point, she asked me to do the same and put her male Gus on my shoulder, who then started to kiss my cheeks. It took me 8 years before adopting my first group. Even tho I still haven't had a litter yet, I am starting a small Degu kennel.

In the meantime, I do my best to inform people about them.

Behind the Kennel

Behind the name Gerbilimo, there is a passionnate breeder. There is also close friends and relatives supporting her.


Gerbils and I go back to 2007. The first time I saw one was at school, when my lab tech (who happened to be my friend) brought one for to accomodate an adopter. 3 months later, I was bringing home my first duo. The next year, the kennel was born.

Animal wellfare is my biggest fight and I lead it, one person at the time, through the Internet and exhibitions.

Our Team
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