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Discover the gerbil

The Mongolian gerbil, also known as Mongolian jird, is a small rodent that originates from Asia, found mostly in Mongolia. It is found south of Siberia, Nord-East of China, Manchuria and in Sin-Kiang. It lives in the grasslands, shrublands and desert but mostly in the semidesert and steppes, they are little rodents that thrive mostly because of their underground tunnels.

They first were used in laboratories to study epilepsy, but when people started to realize how easy they were to handle, it didn't take long for them to become loved pets! Sadly in Quebec, they are quite unknown and often confused with Jerboas! In Europe however, they are so common they have almost replaced hamsters in petstores.


They are animals that live in small groups and that interact a lot together, either by boxing, wrestling, playing, grooming or even sleeping on top of each other! It's a curious animal without malice that will know how to soften and entertain you, and that might even become more interresting than your television!


GBM's Ruby

Same as a Jerboa ?

Not at all! And that's precisely why it's important to distinguish them! Sadly, petstores often calls gerbils "jerboas" and contribute to misleading people. They are, indeed, both rodents, but that's about it. They don't even come from the same place


They looks like a mix of rat and hamster, with small ears and going around mostly on four paws. In the wild, they are brown with a white belly.


They have a tail as long as her body, all covered in fur, with a little tuff at the end of it.


It's french name is Gerbille and is part of the Muridae family


It's a sand-colored and small rodent from Africa, with big ears and long hind legs, that they use to make leap up to almost 6 feet.


Their tail is longer than their body, without any  fur on it except for a big tuff on the tip.


It's french name is Gerboise and is part of the Dipodidae family.


Altought they were once available in petstores, it's not an animal recommended as a pet.

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