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Our Cats

Domestic Cat - Black

Born on the ?? of Febuary 2012

Adopted on the 1st of December 2012

Bijou was found in the middle of the street in the cold of April. His name comes from the fact that his eyes looked like emeralds when he was little.

He is quite the vocal cat who is also emotionally dependent, who is also quite sensible to anxiety, enough to lick himself to blood.

Domestic Cat - Black

Born on the ?? of July 2017

Adopted on the 13 of october 2017

Mumu's mother was killed by a truck when he was only 3 weeks old. He was bottlefed but lost his fur from malnutrition and stayed small.

He is an excessively friendly and affectuous cat. He didn't get much socialization when he was little so he doesn't understand cat language much.

Chat domestique - Lynx Point

Née le ?? mai 2020

Adoptée le 27 juin 2020

Notre ancienne locataire était en train de déménager quand elle a entendu des miaulements sous sa voiture. Elle nous a confié le chaton pour qu'on puisse la placer en refuge. Finalement, nous avons décidé de la garder.

Freyja a été adoptée par Ragnar et est une vraie peste. Elle ne se gène pas pour nous faire savoir ce qu'elle veut en nous hurlant dessus.

Domestic Cat - Tortoiseshell

Born on the ?? of August 2016

Adopted on the 8 of January 2017

Kyrie was abandonned in an appartment around 5 months of age when her previous owners left. We adopted her a month later from a shelter.

She is quite shy towards strangers but extremely affective towards people she loves. She purrs a lot and always sleep with us.

Domestic Cat - Tabby Orange

Born the 7 of august 2019

Adopted the 23 of september 2019

Ragnar comes from a surprise litter, after his mother ran away just before she could be neutered. He was born exactly a week after we lost our baby and the day of our 4 years anniversary..

Since he is still a kitten, Rara is full of energy and extremely curious. He is very close to Mumu, who basically adopted him.

Chat domestique - Bicolor Harlequin

Né le ?? mai 2020

Adopté le 30 août 2020

Ivar est né d'une chatte errante et a été capturé par l'amie de ma cousine, qui m'en a fait cadeau.

Puisqu'il est né et a été élevé errant, Ivar est extrêmement timide de l'humain et part se cacher dès qu'on tente de le toucher. C'est vraiment une toute autre expérience comparé aux autres chats. Il a été adopté par Mumu et fait d'énormes progrès en l'observant. Il fait faire ce qu'il veut aux autres chats et son grain de beauté nous fait fondre.

Our other Rodents

Persian Jird - Agouti

Gender : Female | Kennel: Rodents Galore

Born on the ??

Atusa seems to be a little shy towards humans compared to her sister. She however demonstrates a lot of curiosity towards her environment and new things.

Persian Jird - Agouti

Gender : Female | Kennel: Rodents Galore

Born on the ??

Artemisia seems quite curious towards humans and is the first to come to my hand. She is quite easy to handle and seems to be as curious about humans as her environment.

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